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Club Championship for 2020

October 10th & 11th

Forest Hill Golf Club, Drummonds, TN

This has been an unusual yet amazing year for everyone affected and/or impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic.   In addition to the changes we all faced dealing with the pandemic, we were subjected to changes in the Golfing Handicap System, that should have impacted every golfer who was able to get out and play during these strange times and days over the past 6 months.

We need for all those participating in the Club Championship this year, make that desire known by contacting Wendell Berry via email, text or call,  Abdullah Hasan via email text or call or Carl Herring via email, text or call.

In addition, we need everyone to start putting scores into GHIN, if you have not already done so this year.  We need for everyone to comply so that we can have an accurate handicap on all participants.  This will help get everyone flighted properly for the competition.

"I knew what I was getting into when I chose golf.   I was made for a tough life because I'm a tough man. And in the end, I won: I got a lot of black people playing golf." Charlie Sifford.....


Abdullah Hasan for his performance in this past weekend's Club Championship at Memphis National.  After battling through some health issues for weeks, the man "is back". Going up against some tough competition, this guy posted the lowest rounds to par over two days of the entire tournament, even better than the regular championship from last weekend. 

Abdullah Hasan        166        -7        66    71    137
Tommy Hatmaker     166        +5       81    68    149 
Philip Bryce              181        +6       74    76    150
Rick Emery               169        +6       75    75    150
Eric Heimke              168        +7       77    74    151


I hope each of you are doing well and staying safe from both pandemics taking place across the country right now.  I did however want to take a moment to share with you a local campaign we did here in Memphis, following the lead of our Brothers in D.C., to support our local Food Bank. Though locally we support our Food Bank annually, this effort was far and beyond our regular fall campaign.  With an initial goal of providing 5,000 - 6,000 meals, our guys stepped it up and we provided funds for over 10,000 meals. The presentation and check took place earlier this week with local TV coverage. 

Thanks D.C. for the challenge, there is much good we can do in all of our communities. 

Take care guys.

Larry D. Colbert





CCHS: Third Street Health Center
Medical clinic
Memphis, TN � In Southwest Shopping Center
(901) 842-3166
COVID-19 testing center
Appointment required
Referral not required
Testing for all patients
Instructions:Tennesseans should first call their usual source of care. If an assessment cannot be done in that location, individuals should call the assessment site prior to going onsite. Most locations do a phone assessment to determine if an in-person assessment or test is needed. Most individuals, particularly those with mild or no symptoms do NOT need a test. Call 901-842-3161 or Text 'Test2020' to 91999

MedPost Urgent Care of Olive Branch
Urgent care center
Olive Branch, MS
(662) 874-5755
COVID-19 testing center
Appointment not required
Referral not required
Testing for all patients


Baptist Operation Outreach Homeless Health Shelter
Medical clinic
Memphis, TN
(901) 842-3167
COVID-19 testing center
Appointment not required
Referral not required
Testing for all patients